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Thank God this is tumblr because i am about to get seriously fangirl and lame on you guys.

Basically, i am in actual awe of Ezra Miller. I can’t quite believe just how talented and underrated this guy is, he is only 20 years old. For me, the admiration began when i first saw him as Kevin Khatchadorian in October 2011. Ezra had such presence and was just so damn good that i have since hunted down every other film he has done (apart from Beware the Gonzo because it’s not available in England and it couldn’t find it anywhere online UNTIL TONIGHT AND IT IS CURRENTLY DOWNLOADING) and in every single film he plays another complex character.

Let’s start at the beginning:

Afterschool (2008) Ezra plays Robert. A loner at boarding school who has a minor addiction to violent pornography. At just 16 Ezra managed to creep me out in this film, not even with words or the plot but with his facial expression. He is so damn talented that he adds layers to a film that he is in with just a look.

City Island (2009) Vince junior - a chubby chaser. A teen with a fat fetish in a dysfynctional family. This is Ezra in his first comedy but he doesn’t make his role cheesy or tacky, he adds humour without detracting from the honest nature of the film or letting it affect his performance.

Every Day (2010) Now, Ezra’s character, innocent gay Jonah is hardly even in this film but he hogs the limelight of every scene that he is in, taking the attention away from older and more established actors through sheer screen presence.

Another Happy Day (2011) One of my favourite films ever and another complex role for Ezra as Elliot, a cynical drug addict in a dysfunctional family. Ezra was still under 18 years old when this was filmed but he shows more talent than most of the adult cast. He realistically diffrentiates from violent outbursts to beautifully tender moments with his family. This was without a doubt one of the most complex roles he has undertaken but he still manages to make everything seem so natural and raw.

We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) Kevin. A psychopath. A killer. His performance speaks for itself here but i will also add in that having read the book, Ezra absorbed every single tiny detail that the author, Lionel Shriver, wrote about Kevin - how he walked, talked, the looks that he gave.. everything, and he performed them all to a T. He made the role look so natural and you are somehow aware of details that are written in the book but haven’t been included in the film through Ezra’s performance. Here Ezra manages to steal the scene from film legend Tilda Swinton, and that says a lot.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) Oh Patrick. The sign of a good performance in a book adaptation is not being able to remember how you pictured the character before seeing the film. I can still picture my Sam but when i think of Patrick all i see is Ezra Miller’s performance. Again, not an easy role to take upon, Patrick is the life of a party, the joker who is never serious but he does suffer his fair share of heartache and pain and throughout the film Ezra shows these hidden layers so well. He stole the film for me and perfectly immortalised one of my all time favourite characters.

I know i seem biased but the reason i feel so passionately about him is purely because of how incredible he is in each role. Yes, i do think he has a beautiful face but i don’t actually find him physically attractive in most of his films. I have fallen in love with him for his talent and performances, physical appearance isn’t a factor. I have never been so excited about raw talent, i look forward to every film that he is scheduled to be in because i know he will give another hard-hitting performance. Very rarely is there an actor who you can watch in a film and not think of their other roles. For example, i love Joseph Gordon Levitt and think he is also an incredible actor, but when i watch him as Tom in (500) Days of Summer i think of Cameron in 10 Things i Hate About You and in his grittier roles i link together Brick and The Lookout and even Mysterious Skin with Manic.  When i watched Inception one of my initial reactions was ‘Oh Tom Hansen has done well for himself in architecture’! It’s not a bad thing, it’s surely a natural reaction when you are watching the same person play a different role. But with Ezra he has such range that i never once thought of Jonah, the other gay character he has been, when he was Patrick. They are completely different. He acts and reacts in a completely different way. With every single role he adopts a new stance, a new walk a new voice… He is never ‘just Ezra’ I just think he is incredible. I am in awe of him and i think if everybody watched his entire performance reel they would feel exactly the same as i do.

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