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its weird how different your life could be if people found you more or less attractive

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They have arrested a known paedophile in relation to the disappearance of Madeline McCann and this whole story just makes me so angry and so sad I could actually cry.

We all like to kid ourselves that Madeline was kidnapped by a loving family who wanted to raise her as their own. That’s not going to be true. 

What makes me the most angry and the most sad is that this 3-year-old girl may have been kidnapped by a paedophile and subjected to god knows what because her parents left her and two babies in an unsecured hotel apartment.


What make me EVEN MORE upset is that they left this 3-year-old and two babies alone in an unsecured hotel apartment just hours after Maddy asked them ‘Where were you last night when we were crying?’ after being left alone the previous night as well.

It makes no sense to me how you could have your three-year-old ask you such a thing and your heart doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces, and you don’t get overwhelmed with guilt, and you go ahead and leave her again.

MY heart shattered into tiny pieces when they said that she had asked that.

Why did her parents’ NOT?

I could actually cry.

Obviously people shouldn’t be breaking into hotels and stealing children, but the fact of the matter is we don’t live in a nice world. There are horrible, sick, disgusting people out there.

And it is your duty as a parent to protect your children from them, and it is your duty as a parent to look after your toddlers 24 hours a day, and if you want a grown up holiday where you can stay up late and go drinking then leave your kids with relatives back home.

I’m sure the guilt of leaving Maddy alone haunts the McCanns forever but I just don’t understand how they could even comprehend doing such a thing in the first place.

My heart absolutely breaks for Maddy. And I try and say I hope she wasn’t in pain to make things sound better but nobody, NOBODY, can try and sugar coat the fact that no matter what happened to her eventually, no matter how brief her ordeal was, Maddy’s final moments were moments of absolute terror.

She was three years old.

She was terrified.

And she was wondering where her parents were.

Why her parents were letting this happen.


I can’t deal.

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Just Read This On My Dash:

"NOT ALL MEN - Yes but enough men that every girl is terrified of smiling to that guy on the bus or talking with the boy in the coffee shop. Every girl has been walking late at night at one point and been afraid of who might be following her.Every girl has referred to someone as a “creep” and every girl has refused a drink from someone she doesn’t know.

Not all men.

But enough men that all women are now afraid of most men. 
It’s gotten so bad that we have to be afraid of even telling you we are afraid. We can’t ask that you please stop talking to us. Because if we do we run the risk of being labeled a “stuck up bitch” and blamed for murders and rapes in which we are the victims.”


Then it rambles on a bit about the usual crap, I have taken personal offence to the IDIOT who wrote it.

"every girl is terrified of smiling to that guy on the bus or talking with the boy in the coffee shop."

I am a girl. I am not ‘terrified’ of smiling at a guy on the bus or talking to a boy in a coffee shop. FOR REAL?! 'Every girl'?!? TERRIFIED?! I genuinely don’t know a single woman who would be 'TERRIFIED' of speaking to a boy in a coffee shop.

"Every girl has been walking late at night at one point and been afraid of who might be following her.Every girl has referred to someone as a “creep” and every girl has refused a drink from someone she doesn’t know."

Yes, every single person has probably been a bit wary of one person walking behind them late at night. Not because that person is a man, but because that person is drunk or loud or just looks plain dodgy. In fact, it doesn’t matter what gender the person is, if you think ANYBODY is following you then you would be wary. That’s not an inappropriate or unjust reaction, that’s basic common sense.

As is the accepting a drink, as is calling someone a creep. Guess what, girls can be creeps too. Every PERSON has probably referred to SOMEONE  as a creep regardless of gender.

"all women are now afraid of most men. "


Are you actually making such a massive sweeping statement like that? ALL women are afraid of most men?!


I’m most certainly not afraid of most men. And yet again, very few people I actually know, if any at all, would say that.

Have your opinions on all these issues, that is sure. But don’t make up fucking ridiculous facts to try and give your point more weight.

If you were confident enough in your argument you wouldn’t have to make up utter bullshit to support it.

Stop generalizing EVERYONE.

All men are monsters.

All women are scared of men.

All men are rapists and murderers.

All women are ‘terrified’ of casual conversation with a member of the opposite sex.

This is legit the most dated piece of bullshit I have ever read and I’m not even going to talk about it any longer but I am ASTOUNDED that something which ACTUALLY SAYS 'Every woman is terrified' and ‘All women are scared of men’ has so many notes.


Let me just bust this myth for you, as a woman who knows lots of other women who do not feel this way AT ALL, the whole rant is utter crap.

The author has made the entire female population appear needy, pathetic cowards who are quaking at the mere idea of being next to a man in a public space.

I much prefer the strong, empowered women concept.

But whatever floats your boat.


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I interviewed Hunter Hayes last week, check out our chat here - he does his best English accent and shows us something he’s never shown anybody before… 
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My fave family ever. 
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